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Are you ready to cross the oceans of enthusiasm with us? 🚢 2023 was an epic of travels and adventures, and now it’s time to offer yourself a wave of joy for the new year! 🌊



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With the VOUCHER, you can book now your routes between Sardinia and Corsica. No matter if you prefer the Sardinian sun or the Corsican scent, we are here to satisfy your need for adventure!

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From ✨ January 15th to 30th 2024 ✨you can start your adventure. But hold your horses ! Before raising the anchor again , we want to know your travel secrets.

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Ichnusa Lines informs you that the promotion ‘Happy Holidays from Ichnusa Lines that includes the discount VOUCHER, will not be applied to all scheduled rides for the upcoming season, high season periods are excluded.
Please also note that the voucher cannot be combined with any future promotions.