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A bridge that connects Corsica and Sardinia

You have already had your holiday in Sardinia booked for a few months, a long-awaited moment; now you are here, you are enjoying the sun, the sea, the relaxing holiday vibe, everything is perfect, and you could not wish for more. But what if I told you that, on the same holiday, in the blink of an eye, you could visit cities, enjoy vistas and try local dishes not only in Sardinia but also in Corsica? Are you wondering how it is possible to be in two places at the same time? We will tell you how here in the following lines. Read on, relax and go on a journey with us.

How do you get to
Corsica from Sardinia?

There are no alternatives, the only way to reach Corsica from Sardinia is by the ferry that connects Sante Teresa Gallura, located on the wonderful promontory in the north of Sardinia, to Bonifacio. The two ports are just 11 kilometres apart, only an hour crossing via the Strait of Bonifacio, a stretch of crystalline sea, incredibly fascinating for the high white cliffs that surround the Corsican city. You know the Norwegian fjords that you have seen so many times in travel magazines? It will be a bit like experiencing that, but in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea!

On the same day you can go from the golden beach of Gallura to shopping in the local narrow streets of Bonifacio, carrying with you only a simple bag. The ferry will take you back to Santa Teresa in the evening, to return to the hotel at your leisure.

If you are on a road trip instead, why limit yourself to only one of the two islands, drive on board our ferry and make your holiday a different experience from any traditional holiday.
Are you still thinking about it?

How can I book? Where can you buy your ticket?

Wherever you are, at any time, whether you are in a restaurant, on the beach, in the office or at home, to buy your tickets, just open our website and click on the booking button. Choose the most comfortable and fastest way to travel between Corsica and Sardinia, click and instantly receive your boarding passes by email so you can board even more quickly.

Both in Santa Teresa Gallura and in Bonifacio there are also ticket offices, open from morning to evening, where operators will provide you with assistance to buy your ticket directly before departure.

What are the times?

The connections between the two islands are very frequent as during the day one leaves every hour both towards Corsica and towards Sardinia. There is a departure for your every need, for the early birds up at the crack of dawn, for those who want to sleep in late, or for those who want to return at sunset enjoying a spritz on the deck, soothed by the gentle waves. Here you will find all the most up-to-date information on timetables, for every season.

How much is the ticket?

The prices of the ferries, like those of the hotels, also vary according to the tourist seasons and are inclusive of the taxes applied both from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura and from that of Bonifacio, which account for 20% of the total cost of the ticket.

On our site we have created packages suitable for all types of travellers, singles looking for adventure, motorcyclists on the road, families ready to make sand castles on the beach, free campers and lovebirds. Check out our travel offers, choose the package that’s right for you and book with just one click to receive tickets by email so you can jump on board directly without wasting time.

Where do you take the ferry?
La Punzesa

La Punzesa is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Gallura, but it is also the name of the quay of the ferry terminal of the port of Santa Teresa. Please be sure to set your navigator correctly to arrive at the right destination. The ferry terminal is located on the western quay in front of the ferry berth; inside there are some services provided for you while you wait: a snack bar, an ATM and a tobacconist.

This small port is part of the soul of the country, a place of intense cultural and commercial exchanges, the border crossing – in Sardinia – closest to other lands. The characteristic elongated fjord is at the origin of the ancient name Longonis, and Lungoni is still today the Gallura name of this dynamic centre in the extreme north of the island.

On the internal docks of the port, Café Du Port and Amphitheatre, there are commercial and artisanal activities. In addition to restaurants, bars and shops, there is a wellness centre with an indoor pool fed by a waterfall that springs from a cave. In the summer, the suggestive cloister of the port is transformed into a small theatre that animates the evenings with important cultural events. The historic centre of Santa Teresa and all its activities can be easily reached on foot or by the shuttle service of the rubberized train, which runs numerous times during the day and until late at night.

Where do we start from? Bonifacio

The port of Bonifacio is in the top 5 Mediterranean ports ranked for hospitality and services, so here you will find everything you need to make your wait pleasurable, including shops, bars and restaurants. Most of its territory is still protected with the active participation of the Strait of Bonifacio Nature Reserve and the International Marine Park. The port is surrounded by high limestone cliffs from which the medieval town emerges, flanked by a rocky spur: truly a breath-taking panorama.

Both the port of Santa Teresa Gallura and that of Bonifacio can be reached by car, plane and bus. Consult our website to plan your boarding in detail.

How long before should I show up before boarding?

Relax and enjoy the holiday rhythm. You don’t need to arrive too long before boarding! If you are travelling by motorbike, car or camper you must show up on the dock at least an hour before boarding, while if you travel on foot you just need to be on board at least half an hour before.

How long does the crossing last?

The duration of the crossing is one hour, during which you can enjoy breath-taking views. On board our bar is ready to welcome you with excellent snacks and fantastic cocktails. In our lounge there is also all the information you need to plan your stay once back on land: excursions, trekking, diving and snorkelling, canoe and bike rental, and the most beautiful beaches and experiences not to be missed.

Do you suffer from seasickness? Don’t worry! The Ichnusa is equipped with a stabilizing fin that allows the ship to remain smooth even in the most difficult weather and sea conditions! Enjoy the crossing!

What are the
Covid-19 health measures for entry to Corsica and Sardinia?

Due to Covid-19 these two years have been tough, especially from the point of view of travel and movement between different states with so many different regulations and obligations, including health fears for both yourself and that of loved ones.

In Italy, the state of emergency lapsed at the end of March 2022 and this has made things much easier for tourists and for those who commute between Corsica and Sardinia. We have learned much from what happened and we are keeping strict sanitizing procedures in place for our facilities to ensure a safer and more carefree passage.

Our site is constantly being updated with the latest news and national regulations in effect and our call centre will answer all your questions or any doubts. Before boarding, take a look at our section dedicated to special Covid-19 health measures for entry into both Corsica and Sardinia and leave well prepared, without any nasty surprises!

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